Casa La Viuda Restaurant, Seville Spain 04/09/17

Casa La Viuda 2Casa La Viuda Rest

Casa La Viuda (House of the Widow) 2, which I have to assume means that there is a #1 somewhere. As is typical in so many restaurants in Europe this one had an indoor and outdoor seating area, weather permitting most people want to be outside, if nothing else to be able to watch the multitude of people strolling buy constantly. Our culinary experience over the course of 4 weeks ran the complete gamut of foods, from the simple to the sophisticated, for us, as is, in my experience, common for many people you reach a point where you are just looking for something  simple and common, a pizza, a burger or as in this case, chicken & fries. Although this is a simple dish please note that the chicken was fresh, well seasoned and grilled, the fries as evidenced by their rich golden color were fried in fresh olive oil which is abundant and cheap in the country that produces the most Olive Oil in the world. Even the  simple red sauce (for dipping the chicken & fries) is a fresh tomato and olive oil seasoned concoction which enhances this simple dish and makes it very tasty indeed. My wife, as you’ll notice if you read all my posts from Europe, ordered the Cod Fish (again) in a whipped egg white batter with butter that looks like it is baked tomato & cheese.  It even tastes a bit like baked cheese and tomato sauce. From what we were told it is not a difficult dish to prepare but it does require that you get a thick, fresh cod fish which although readily available in Spain, it will be hard to find in Florida. I believe you could substitute the Cod fish (more because of the texture then the actual taste) with a Sea Bass.

Casa La Viuda Chicken & Firies                      Grilled Chicken and Fries with Tomato/olive oil SauceCasa La Viuda Cod Fish

Cod Fish coated in egg white batter with tomato sauce

Casa La Viida Outdoor seating                                                          Outdoor Seating Area and Pedestrian Street

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