Top Tapas – Barcelona, Spain

The only problem with picking a Tapas Restaurant in Spain, in this case Barcelona, is that there is literally one on every corner. The ones located in major metro areas are “better” in that most have both an indoor restaurant area and an outdoor heated tarp/tent where you can sit and watch all of the people walk by. The menus vary a bit from place to place and thankfully for those who do not speak Spanish (not a problem in my case), most menus have pictures. This is good even if you do speak Spanish, because as is typical in other Spanish speaking countries the seafood and the different cuts of beef have different names in different countries.

Grilled Lobster Top Tapas.JPG

grilled lobster

As is true with food in anywhere in the world, the foundation of  a good meal always starts with  the freshness and quality of whatever it is you are eating. Both of these criteria were met and exceeded with this  grilled lobster. I will be ordering this dish again in Spain and Portugal, and if I detect or discover any cooking secret I will share it with you. I’m confident that this dish can be easily replicated anywhere including your home.

Paella Top Tapas.JPG

Paella Marinera

I hope to be enjoying many more Paellas over the course of the coming weeks, this one in particular was a Paella Marinera or Seafood Paella. It only had Prawns and Clams, others also can include mussels, fish, calamari, octopus etc. For me, this makes for a more complete and succulent meal. I complemented this particular plate with the grilled lobster. There are all types of Paellas, some with just vegetables, others with chicken and others with noodles instead of rice. I will be checking out the noodle variant, which I’ve never experienced before.  Paellas are a lot easier to prepare than you might think, the key is getting good ingredients. In the future, I’ll make one at home and share the recipe and step by step process with you.

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