Suri Tapas Bar – Lake Worth, Florida

Sharing my experiences with some local cuisine prior to starting our European vacation. Going forward, I’ll focus on the different dishes themselves, so that hopefully you can find an equivalent near you if you will not be visiting the specific restaurants that I will be reviewing over the next four weeks in Spain, France and Portugal. Even better, you can learn how to prepare the dish yourself!

Suri Tapas Bar is located on Lake Avenue in Lake Worth, FL, it is on a busy street lined with restaurants, you can walk around, go bar hopping and then pick the restaurant of your choice. Suri has a covered “outdoor” (attached but open to street) area, as shown in one of my pictures. You can sit in the outer facing area and watch the people go by or if you want more privacy you can choose one of the tables located further inside or sit at the expansive bar. Our Party of 4 enjoyed various different plates including 1 dessert.


We had the Octopus, Shrimp Toast and Shrimp Tostones, The Bree Cheese Platter, Mac & Cheese, Beef Carpaccio, Lamb Chops, Figs wrapped in Bacon, Squash Ginger Soup and the mouse chocolate cake, everything was quite good and most of the plates were prepared a bit differently from what you might be accustomed to, in particular the Beef Carpaccio which I believe was wrapped around a toast of some sort so it was crunchy and sat on a bed of arugula rather than the arugula being  sprinkled on top. But this is exactly what distinguishes one “similar” or “like” dish over another, the differences in the presentation and the uniqueness of the flavors. Sometimes Chefs fail in this endeavor, but in my opinion, the Chef  succeeded in creating his unique signature, in particular the Carpaccio, the squash soup and the Bree Cheese platter.

We had the pleasure of meeting the Chef, Anthony Monte, who studied his art in New York, Italy and Las Vegas, his Sous Chef, Alfred Gaymes was educated in St. Vincent and New York, they have over 65 years of experience between them. There are at least 4 seasonal menu changes a year at Suri so in addition to the typical fare you can enjoy new & different dishes throughout the year.

I believe that timing in a Tapas restaurant is very important, plates served too soon and your table is crowded and some of the food gets cold, too late and your siting there hungry with nothing to eat, the timing at Suri’s was just right. Our server was friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

John & Maureen Pata are the owners and have been operating this restaurant since 2014.  You can reach them at and 561-249-7436.

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