Barceloneta Restaurant Barcelona

As I’ve mentioned previously there is an abundance of restaurants in Barcelona, Tapas restaurants are literally on every corner. You have all tiers and varied pricing for Tapas and other types of restaurants. The Barceloneta Restaurant ranks as one of the higher tier more popular restaurants for both locals and tourists alike. The ambiance is superb whether indoors or out, there is an excellent selection of wines, an extensive menu, excellent service and good food, if that is what you are looking for this is the place. Having said that, as I’ve mentioned previously my focus is on the food and the food here is “very good” but not by any means the best. We had the gambas al Ajillo (shrimp in garlic which I’ve tried every time that I can) and the Paella Marinera (Seafood Paella). Let me address those two dishes. The Paella here had a jumbo prawn & a jumbo shrimp, it was well prepared (the texture, moisture of the rice was pretty much as it is supposed to be) but it had very little else with regards to ingredients.  I like my Paella with clams, mussels, chunks of fish, scallops, jumbo shrimp and lobster, I’ve yet to find one like that in Spain but I still have places to go and I’m still hopeful. The key reason for the limited variety of ingredients,  I suspect, is pricing and profits and just being competitive because it is not for lack of great ingredients.  The gambas al ajillo were fine, but I like mine a bit spicier, with red pepper & red peppers and I like it served while they’re still bubbling (the butter) like a good escargot and I’ve had that experience multiple times in different US  restaurants. The bottom line is that so far, I’ve yet to experience the best or even one of the best gambas al ajillo or Paella’s I’ve ever had anywhere, in Spain, but I’m still hopeful.

Gambas al Ajillo Barceloneta.JPG

Gambas al Ajillo, served in casserole, not enough butter and garlic or peppers of any kind for my taste

Paella Mariniera Barceloneta.JPG

You can see the jumbo prawn and jumbo shrimp (1 ea) and  a few pieces of squid but little else.

Barceloneta  waiting area.JPG

Waiting Area

Barceloneta.JPGBarceloneta  Kitchen.JPGKitchen AreaWaiter.JPG

Chocolet Pudding.JPGChocolate Pudding DessertBarceloneta Upstairs outdoor.JPGUpstairs out door area

Barceloneta Downstairs.JPG

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