L’Absinthe Restaurant Paris

I have never been a great fan of French cuisine and my favorite dish was (and still is) Escargot. After spending a week in Paris and checking out around 10 restaurants (some of which I will share on this blog) I am now a big fan of French food, genuine French Cuisine. What I’ve experienced my whole life in the US is for the most part an American version of “French” food and it simply is not the same. The secret of French food is in the sauces, the preparation and as always, the ingredients. I will have to learn how to prepare a few French Dishes, especially the soups and sauces that make any meal unique and different, when I do I will post it on my blog. This particular restaurant was suggested to me by a dear friend who is French and familiar with local restaurants rather than the typical tourist fare. The service was excellent, the food and the preparation were spot on and the ambiance was sophisticated yet quaint at the same time. The Sea bass risotto was one of the best I’ve ever had and I apologize for not knowing what the green sauce is made of (blame it on the language barrier, but I will get better) the chilled cucumber soup was unique and delicious. In order to taste something totally different we also ordered the Beef Brisket (don’t recall what they called it) in it’s own juice and a Tuna Tartar appetizer, both excellent. The bread, ooh the bread, thank God you can’t find anything quite like it in the US or I would weigh 300 lbs.


L Absinthe.JPG

Sea Bass Rissoto.JPG  Sea bass Risotto Zucchini Soup.JPG

Chilled Zucchini Soup with white cream cheese

Beef Brisket Au jus with Vegtable Medly

This plate is the Beef Brisket Au jus with a vegetable medley, exquisite. With exception of the sauce, should be relatively simple to prepare.

Tuna TartarThis is a tuna tartar appetizer with a white local cream cheese, surprisingly cheap and not so surprisingly delicious.

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