Le Train Bleu

Although my focus is on food you cannot travel to wonderful cities like Paris, France and not visit classical and historical restaurants along with the more “mundane” ones.  Le Train Bleu is all about history, it has been around since 1900, it is where people had their last meal in Paris as they waited to board the famous, Orient Express. I will contradict myself and state that sometimes the location and the ambiance of the restaurant or wherever you are enjoying a meal can make (ok, does make) a big difference. This is such the case here. Talking about history, we had just come from the Palace of Versailles where we also had lunch at their Restaurant (Angelina). The reason I mention this is because of the history of the Palace, which was the seat of of political power in France since 1682, and how appropriate it was to transition to dinner at Le Train Bleu rather than a more modern or typical French restaurant. Surprisingly, for me anyway, not every restaurant has Escargot, so I was unable to try theirs as an appetizer but they had an excellent sommelier that helped me pair our meals with the right wine. We had an excellent Breaded Veal Chop au juice with vegetables, we also had a Beef sirloin in a mushroom reduction sauce with carrots on a bed of mashed zucchini and potatoes, never had anything quite like it but it was very good and as I’ve mentioned before about France, it is all about the sauces that can enhance and make any dish both better and unique.

Beef Sirloin in a mushroom reduction sauce & Carrots on a Bed of mashed                           zucchini and potatoes.  Breaded Veal Chop au jus with vegetables.

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