Restaurante Tradicionnel Francais, Paris


I’m not quite sure what a Traditional French Restaurant is supposed to be like but if we judge by the name, this is supposed to be one. It certainly had all of the kinds of foods you would expect to find in a French Restaurant, let me talk about each of the appetizers and main courses we had.  We started with the French Onion Soup, this is not difficult to make but to enjoy one as good as this one you may not have to travel to France but you will have to go somewhere that uses the genuine cheeses that they use in France. I’m sure that some use their own unique blend of cheeses but most recipes call for Gruyere or Swiss cheese on bread, so two key ingredients that we would be missing is the amazing French Cheeses and their delicious breads, but having said that you can prepare a reasonable facsimile following any one of the recipes available on the internet. The second appetizer we ordered was the always popular Escargot, it is typically stated as having butter and parsley, it should and usually does have garlic but as it turns some people off they just don’t mention it. In the US many restaurants flambe the Escargot in Brandy and always tell you that it will evaporate and leave no taste of the brandy, I disagree and do not like Escargot Flambeed in Brandy, so ideally you want it in it’s shell with butter, garlic and parsley baked in an hi heat oven, it can also be served out of its shell in a ceramic plate made especially for making and serving escargot. This is a very easy dish to prepare yourself and pretty inexpensive compared to restaurant prices, you can find the can of escargot and reusable shells in most supermarkets and the prep time is probably less than 15 minutes (the first time) for a dozen to 16 Escargot in their shell. Our main courses consisted of a vegetable (potato, carrots & mushrooms only) beef stew and as all of the ingredients were fresh and the meat was very lean the taste was just right, this is also a simple dish to prepare following your preferred internet recipe. The second main course dish that we ordered was a Chicken Pasta dish, which, as  you can partially see ( I apologize for the picture being out of focus) the chicken has a broth of some sort and the pasta has what looks like a prawn for a bit of a seafood flavor, believe me it works, a simple touch but it makes for a unique pasta chicken dish. Proving once again that with the proper ingredients and just a few small touches you can take an ordinary dish and make it extraordinary. All it takes is a little imagination based on your own personnel tastes, just by adding a few extra ingredients you can transform any meal into something memorable, like any new “experiment” you may not be successful the first time around but be brave move forward and keep trying.



Escargot, butter, garlic & parsley, French onion Soup


Chicken Pasta Dish-Beef Stew & Vegetable Platter



Menu Restaurante Traditionnel Francais







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