Le Chat Noir, Moulin Rouge Paris

Le Chat Rest

Le chat Noir (The Black Cat) is a Cafe that is located in Moulin Rouge and supposedly established (In the current structure but with more modern furnishings) back in 1881. They serve all of the typical French fare and anything else will of course have a French influence. In our case we had a Pasta Bolognese Sauce which is a very simple dish but quite delicious if the sauce, meat and cheese are up to the levels this one was. It is an easy dish to prepare but it is so good if done right. You do not need meals to be complicated or elaborate in order to insure they are good or even great, again, as always, the key is the ingredients and second is the elaboration or preparation of those ingredients. I have also included a picture of Escargot, served here in a less classic but probably more prevalent manner which consists of not using the shell but serving them in a special crock, it is much easier to prepare & eat this way and just as tasty if prepared correctly, it is also much easier to dip the bread in the broth of butter, parsley and garlic which for some is probably an equally enjoyable part of the overall experience as is the case for me. Again, both of these dishes are easy to prepare and there are many recipes readily available online, in the future I will include my own recipe as you should always (in my opinion) include your own personal signature to anything you prepare using your personnel tastes and experience.

Penne Pasta Bolognese, Escargot and of course Whiskey in lieu of a fine wine.

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