Angelinas at Palace de Versailles, France

Palace Original Structure

I will include some additional pictures of the Palace as the restaurant, although located inside the Palace, just consists of a couple of non-descript rooms that have been allocated to the restaurant (possibly a kitchen dining area from the past) besides how can I not include photos of the most expensive building in the world (based on total construction cost). The meal that we had at Angelinas consisted of of two simple and one amazing dish, the first was a caviar appetizer on toast, it was unconventional in that it did not have any of the garnishes that I’m accustomed to, such as diced purple or white onions, boiled eggs, yellow part only, sour cream and diced green onions. I believe it was a cucumber parsley sour cream on toast, not the best but not bad at all. Contrary to what I always state about ingredients in the case of Caviar (unless you are eating it straight out of the can or on a toast with no garnishes) you do not need an expensive caviar if you are to place it on a toast with all of the garnishes I mentioned, it is like using an expensive tequila for a margarita, it is a waste of money.  Remember to sprinkle the caviar with fresh lemon juice. The other meal, a Turkey Club Sandwich, although simple and common, was exceptional. It consisted of fresh thick cuts of turkey, fresh tomatoes, sliced hard boiled eggs,  well toasted bacon, cucumbers and other ingredients not readily identifiable but equally delicious and very good toasted french bread. I can unequivocally state that this is the best Club Sandwich I’ve ever had and I have had many. This is not an easily duplicated dish, starting with the fact that you would have to cook a turkey. So if you are looking for a great Turkey Club check for fresh ingredients, starting with the Turkey.

Caviar, cucumber parsley sour cream mix and Turkey Club Sandwich

Palace de Versailles

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