El Rincon Del Murillo, Seville Spain, 04/08/17

El Rincon (2)

El Rincon del Murillo is located in a pedestrian traffic only street, conveniently located directly in front of our Historical District Hotel that goes by the same name, Hotel Murillo. Tapa’s restaurants are virtually on every corner of downtown Seville. There are fundamentally 3 different tiers of restaurants with the majority falling in the tier 2 level. They all serve the typical Spanish dishes and have fairly similar pricing, something akin to Sushi restaurants that with few exceptions have pricing that is quite similar no matter where you go. I have to say that in my experience this does not hold true for Tapa’s restaurants in the US which are pricier than your typical mid-tier Florida restaurant. I believe that this is due to the fact that in many US “Tapa’s” Restaurants their portions are pretty big and hence the pricing is commensurate with the size of the serving which then ceases to be a Tapa  (Tapa-basically means small portion). Many of the Tapa’s restaurants in Spain are in very old historic buildings that are usually quite beautiful, so you not only  get to enjoy a good meal but a piece of History.  Below are the photo’s of the dishes we enjoyed in El Rincon, Gambas al Ajillo (shrimp in garlic) a mushroom risotto and a Octopus (Pulpo a la Gallega) on a bed of potatoes in olive oil. The octopus is basically boiled then sauteed in olive oil and sprinkled with Paprika. The shrimp as you can tell from the picture are very small but prepared in typical fashion which is basically olive oil and garlic and in the best cases with red peppers and sometimes butter in lieu of olive oil. I was surprised that the sizes of the shrimp served in Spain varied greatly (from tiny canned shrimp- to mid size fresh shrimp)-I would suggest that you ask about the shrimp, better yet if possible, I would ask to see the shrimp before ordering. Octopus is Octopus so all you need to know is how it is being prepared and if they know how to cook them they will be very tender and very tasty, as these were. The Mushroom Risotto is a simple dish to make and it can be prepared with various types of mushrooms and garnished with different types of shredded cheese for a distinctive taste.

Outdoor seating and Indoor Area of Rincon del Murillo

1-Gambas al Ajillo, 2-Pulpo a la Gallega 3-Mushroom Risotto

Hotel Murillo located in front of Rincon del Murillo and outdoor seating area

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