La Morada Restaurant, Seville Spain 04/10/17

La Morada Rest Indoors

Like most Tapa’s restaurants in Seville this one was in a very old building in a pedestrian traffic only street. We literally happened upon this little jewel only because we could not find a table (It was Holy Week-Semana Santa) at any of the first 20 or so restaurants we came across. This one had it’s own unique (for the most part) menu with few of the typical dishes such as (Gambas al Ajillo, Paella, Octopus. etc.) But as you can see from the short menu  (with specials written in chalk indoors & outdoors) the prices were ridiculously low but the food was excellent. We had Fried Calamari for our appetizer (perfectly prepared & amazingly fresh) we had the iBerian Tenderloin which looks and tastes a bit like a beef stew except that the iBerian Tenderloin is better than any beef stew I’ve ever had. It had no vegetables only potatoes and sat in this delicious broth which was based on the natural juices released by the tenderloin, this made the meat very tender and enhanced the flavor of the meat and the potatoes. Definitely a dish that I will try to emulate and prepare at some point. The dessert, probably in the top 5 of my whole trip, Turon, which is made of Almonds, Honey and Egg Whites, typically in a very hard candy like consistency but in this case it was a softer version, firm but light with a home made real cherry syrup and whipped cream, you would have to taste it to understand how good this was. This is a very popular dessert candy, especially during the Christmas Season.

Top iberian Tenderloin, bottom left, Spanish Red Wine, middle, Fried Calamari, left, Turon with cherry syrup and whipped cream.

Outdoor seating area of La Morada Rest, view of street from our table

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