La Cabana Argentina, Madrid Spain 04/01/17

Some of the best beef in the World comes from Argentina. Even though in Spain they have very good beef when I asked where can I have a great steak, the common response was, if you want the best, look for an Argentinian Restaurant. So who was I to go against their recommendations. This restaurant was very nice, more towards the higher tier of the restaurant spectrum. If I go to a steak restaurant I will probably eat a steak. We had the Beef de Chorizo (NY Strip)  and a baked potato. The beef from Argentina because of how they are fed & raised is different/better than most steaks that you would have in the US , with the  possible exception of some of the higher tier restaurants in the US like Ruth’s Chris or Morton’s. But by the same token if you get the best of the best from Argentinian (vs the typical good restaurant) they will still be equal or better than anything you can get in the US.  In both Argentina and Spain the pricing will be about 50% of what you would pay at the high tier US Steak houses. For an appetizer we had two typical Argentinian dishes, Chorizo and Provoleta. The Provoleta basically consists of Provolone cheese, extra virgin olive oil, dry oregano, kosher salt and pepper which is then baked or barbecued on an open grill in the same dish that it is served in. It is simple, unique and something you should try at least once in your life. For dessert we had a crepe filled with Dulce de Leche accompanied by  home made whipped cream, light, different and delicious. This was a simple meal when you compare to the complexity of some exotic dishes but there was nothing simple about the taste, all it took was great ingredients a good grill and your done. Even the crepe is placed on the grill in Argentina.

NY Stip Beef de Chorizo

                                      Beef de Chorizo (NY Strip)

Provoleta                              Provoleta (Baked Provolone Cheese) Chorizo (Beef Sausage)

Crepe Dulce de Leche                        Crepe with Dulce de Leche and Home Made Whipped Cream

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