Casa La Viuda Restaurant, Seville Spain 04/09/17

Casa La Viuda RestCasa La Viuda 2

Sevilla has no shortage of Restaurants and Casa La Viuda (House of the Widow) 2 apparently has a no. 1 somewhere. Like every other restaurant that we visited while in Spain and in Seville in particular they were all jam packed. This one was quaint and had the usual dishes that you are accustomed to having in Spain. We chose to have a more typical meal in this instance rather than one of the more popular and sometimes complex dishes. My choice was a grilled chicken and french fries with a red dipping sauce. You can observe in the picture below that the potatoes are the perfect golden color of french fries were fried fried in fresh olive oil (which is prevalent in Spain, the Olive Oil capital of the world) the chicken was well seasoned, grilled and perfectly lean and fresh. The sauce was simply made of a tomato puree, olive oil, garlic with seasoning but it enhanced the flavor of both the chicken and the fries. The second selection, chosen by my wife, also a common and popular dish in Spain, albeit more complex, was the Cod Fish baked in a battered egg white, butter, garlic  & tomato concoction that looks like melted Cheddar cheese with tomato sauce, I have to learn how to make this, it is both unique and awesome. In Florida you will be hard pressed to find a thick cut of fresh cod fish but based on texture, if not so much taste, you may substitute with a fresh Sea Bass.

The bottom line is that fresh ingredients and small touches can make a simple meal  exceptional as is the case for the chicken with the special red sauce and the cod fish,

Casa La Viuda Chicken & Firies

Grilled Chicken, French Fries and a tomato olive oil & garlic sauceCasa La Viuda Cod Fish

Baked Cod Fish in an egg white, butter & garlic batter with tomato sauce

Casa La Viida Outdoor seating

Casa La Viuda Outdoor Seating Area

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