El Mero, Seville Spain, April 8, 2017

El Mero El Mero is a Spanish restaurant in Seville which is located next to a river that flows through the city and adjacent to numerous other restaurants located one right next to another overlooking the canal. We chose to sit at this restaurant just to enjoy the view and have a light snack.  We had Fried Calamari, a common and simple dish that when made with fresh ingredients and a good fresh olive oil , as was the case here, makes for a wonderful meal. Another common dish are the fried croquettes which are stuffed with a ham puree, this is a typical dish available in many Hispanic restaurants in the US, it tastes much better than it sounds. Last of all we had a Lemon mouse with home made whipped cream, absolutely delicious and worth every single calorie.


wCalamari Frita el Mero

Fresh Fried Calamari

Crocetas de Jamon el mero

surrullos blah blah

El Merro Desssert

Lemon Mouse with home made Whipped Cream-Better than any meal

Seville                                                River View adjacent to Restaurant

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