Casa Paco Restaurant, Granada Spain, 04/12/17

Upstairs Outdoor Seating Area Casa Paco

Casa Paco Upstairs Dining

For most people, I’m not necessarily one of them, the ambiance is as or even more important than the actual meal. I’m sure however that we can all agree that when you combine the two, a great place and a great meal it doesn’t get any better than that. In these instances I will make an exception to my rule and share a lot of pictures of the place and not just the food. We had a few different dishes,  two of our courses were basically beef and chicken, the Steak was a NY Strip and the chicken were chunks on a skewer, both well seasoned, fresh and prepared on a grill with wood chips, anything you make on this would automatically, in my opinion, improve by 50%. Both plates were accompanied by grilled fresh vegetables, basically, onions, egg plant, tomato and asparagus, a healthy, simple and delicious addition to any meal. We also ordered the ever popular Cod Fish, this one baked and smothered in a fresh tomato, garlic and onion puree that enhanced the flavor perfectly.  The perfect way to end any meal is with dessert. This dessert was both unique (which is not necessarily always a good thing) and outstanding, one of the best desserts we had while in Europe. I have had Flans (custard) in many countries and in many different flavors but never one made with fresh ground figs and combined with a homemade coffee ice cream, outstanding…

Casa Paco grill

Wood fire Grill

Grilled Chicken skewer and Grilled Vegetable medley

Cod Fish with Tomato, onion & green pepper Puree-NY Strip, and Potatoes

Casa Paco Flan de Fig Coffee Icecream

This was one of the top 5 desserts we had while in Europe,  Fresh Fig Flan (custard) with home made coffee ice cream, the uniqueness of the fig flan flavor complimented by the coffee ice cream was ridiculous.

Indoor Seating Area Casa Paco

Sunset Casa Paco and Indoor Seating Area leading to Bar

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