Restaurante Maritima Dos Colonias Lisboa Portugal April 03, 2017

Lisboa Portugal is a lovely city with an abundance of cultural, geographical, architectural and lets not forget gastronomical superabundance. Let’s explore a few of them starting with Restaurant Maritima Dos Colonias (Basically Maritime Rest of the Two Colonies). We had three dishes, an Octopus Salad comprised primarily of fresh boiled octopus, shredded carrots, tomatoes, corn, onions and garnished with cilantro and a light vinaigrette and olive oil mix. Good but not great. The other Dish was had was a Seafood Casserole, it was a little like a Paella but without all of the extra bits and pieces of varied seafood that are part of a seafood Paella and as you will note in the picture a lot more broth vs a Paella which is more moist than dry but not almost like a soup or gumbo. The seasoning the broth, the rice and the shrimp were spot on and as good as it looked. The third dish that we enjoyed were grilled sardines accompanied by potatoes, shredded carrots and a salad. The seasoning (basically salt, pepper & olive oil) was good, but I am of the opinion, based on my personal experience, that the smaller the sardine the tastier and better it is, these were on the larger side, need I say more. Bottom line is that this is a very easy dish to prepare with the key being your ability to get a fresh sardine of the right size. Our dessert was a bread pudding which sometimes can look a bit like Flan (custard pie) but is in fact different, the best way to describe the difference is that the Bread Pudding is more of a bread/cake like consistency and is less creamy and typically not as sweet. Some are better than others depending on consistency and how sweet or not they are, this one, was very good…

Indoor Seating Area-Cheese, wine & Olive Appetizer

Seafood Casserole, Octopus Salad and Grilled Shrimp

Bread Pudding Maritima Rest

Bread Pudding Dessert-Ummmm

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