Trattoria Restaurant, Lisboa Portugal April 6, 2017


The Trattoria is an apparently very popular Italian Restaurant in Portugal that has been frequented by many famous people from different parts of the world, many of them depicted on a photo wall. Even with an exact address we almost missed the restaurant as it’s located inside a commercial building and signage is not it’s strong suite. I originally went there to order a pizza as they have a brick oven and are known to make an excellent pizza., but alas, it was not meant to be, once I saw the waiter walk by with the dish that I ultimately ordered, the steak with shaved Parmesan cheese and Arugula accompanied by golden fries it was love at first sight and I had to change my order. The sirloin steak was well seasoned and grilled to perfection, the fries were fried in fresh virgin olive oil and had just the right amount of salt. The perfect combination of those contrasting yet complimentary tastes and textures made this simple meal excellent. Just as the ambiance of a restaurant can enhance a meal so does the presentation and at least for me a wood platter not only enhances the appearance but the flavor as well,  in particular beef dishes.

Trattoria Rest Lisboa                          Grilled Sirloin Steak, Shaved Parmesan cheese and arugula salad.


Trattoria Kitchen, Brick Oven and Grill

Trattoria Seating Area and Downstairs Bar


Trattoria Photo Wall

Trattoria Photo Wall

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