Bufalo Grill Rodizio Lisboa, Portugal April 4, 2017

Bufalo Grill

Bufalo Grrill Water View

Front and Rear View of Bufalo Grill

Rodizio’s are very popular in the US and originated in Brazil, this particular Rodizio in Lisboa, Portugal is advertised as a Brazilian steak house. The concept for the most part are typically the same with the variant being the particular cuts of beef offered and the variety and size of the salad bar. This particular restaurant is located in a beautiful part of the city and offers water sports (canoe, paddle boats, Kayaks) for rental on the artificial pond at the back of the restaurant and numerous other restaurants. We were there for lunch so I am going to assume that the variety of meats is greater at dinner than it was for lunch, as it was not very impressive, the salad bar as you can see in one of the pictures below is small by any standard, in Brazil and many US Rodizios the salad bar would be 6-8 times the size. The basic cuts that we enjoyed in Bufalo Grill were two types of chicken, grilled and garlic chicken,  2 or three different chorizos and about 3 cuts of beef. They were not necessarily my favorite cuts of beef in a Rodizio with a wide variety of cuts they will probably have 10 or more cuts of beef and pork, plus chorizos and chicken skewers of different types. The chorizos, chicken and one of the cuts of beef were quiet good. In places with a wide variety  of cuts the secret is to hold out as they will try to get you filled up with all of the cheaper cuts and serve the more expensive ones on the later rounds. The way that the different cuts are seasoned and cooked on the rotating skewers on the fire grill seals in the flavor and makes them taste unique and savory.

Back seating area, Salad Bar and Garnishes, French Fries, Rice, Feijoada

Chicken and Chorizo Skewer

Bufalo Grill Meats

Cod Fish in Olive Oil and Garlic With Boiled Potatoes-Menu Board

Telecabin is one of the modes of transportation that takes you across this complex

Canal in Front of Restaurant

Bufalo is located to the left of this canal, there are various restaurants in this complex

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