Adraga Restaurant Sintra, Portugal, April 5, 2017

Front of Adraga Restaurant, Rear Terrace, View of beach from indoor seating.

Adraga Restaurant in Sintra Portugal isn’t much to look at from the outside or the inside for that matter but you would never guess that by their pricing. We basically had a grilled Lobster and a Passion Fruit Pie. The lobster, which was the smallest one they had was $105 Euros and it did not include any accompaniments, I would expected various at that price. But it is hard to botch up a fresh live lobster and this one was seasoned and grilled to perfection, just the right amount of butter, garlic and just the right texture, delicious. This Restaurant is located right on the beach and is very popular with the locals (probably not so much tourists) who were the ones that highly recommended this place. It has beautiful views from the indoor seating area or the rear deck. There isn’t much I can say about the preparation of this lobster, basically you take a fresh lobster, cut it in half lengthwise, (after placing in freezer for 10-15 minutes if it was a live Lobster) you then prepare drawn butter, add lemon, cilantro, salt & pepper and optionally, garlic, spread it on the exposed half’s of the lobster, place on the grill, meat side down, check once the shell turns red about (7-10 minutes @ 350-400 degrees) the meat turns opaque. Make sure you do not overcook or it will get hard and rubbery.  For the passion fruit pie dessert, your on your own, it was a perfect end to an excellent meal.

**Sintra has so many beautiful sights that I had to include a few pictures at the bottom of     the page


Adraga Rest Grilled Lobster

                                                                   1.2 Kilo Grilled Lobster

                                     Indoor seating area and Lobster/ Crab Fish Tank

                                    Passion Fruit Pie Adraga Beach View from Restaurant


Quinta de Regaleira

                                                 Quinta de Regaleira as well as all photo’s below


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